Good for You. Good for the Earth.

Good for You. Good for the Earth.

Matilda Life was born out of the idea that you can keep manufacturing in Australia, commit to sustainability and still allow people to enjoy their wardrobe essentials.

We understand how tempting it is to always have the latest trend in clothing, no matter how much your closet is begging you to stop stockpiling it.

This comes at a cost much greater than can be seen on the surface though. In fact, it creates such a disruption to the worlds environment and aids the waste crisis that changing our shopping habits is no longer an ask, it is a must.

We get it. A new outfit can make you feel like a million bucks. It feels good to look good. Have you ever thought about the long-term effects of this fleeting feeling?

Australians alone put more than an estimated 6,000 kilograms of textiles into landfill every 10 minutes (AWE, 2021). Yes, every 10 minutes.

Matilda life has curated and selected clothing that we confidently deem to be ‘wear all year’ pieces. Our brand allows you to make a conscious choice when shopping, breathing versatility into your wardrobe so you can keep on feeling good in the clothing you wear without having to purchase a new outfit and contribute to waste.

Our reduced supply chain, no plastic policy and our organic textile usage means you can rest easy knowing you’ve purchased a quality, Aussie-made garment with the added benefit of loving the earth with each purchase you make.  

We make your clothes to last. We make our shoes to be timeless. Our ethos is built on keeping Australians at work in manufacturing spaces, and to help you help the environment through sustainable purchasing.

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