Sustainable Work Practices Are At Our Core.

Sustainable Work Practices Are At Our Core.

Very few lifestyle brands are genuinely made in Australia. We are passionate about local manufacturing and keeping local talent and skills. 

Matilda Life was founded on 4 key principles that will not be compromised. Our products are made in Australia, we use quality craftsmen and materials, and we are sustainable. You will pay a fair price for the quality you receive.

Sustainable work practises are at the core of our brand, and we couldn’t be more passionate about finding ways to reduce any negative impact on our planet because of the fashion industry. Every little bit helps, and Matilda Life will continue to improve our work practices to ensure we are eco-friendly and sustainable. Our clothing and footwear are timeless pieces, made with natural fibres, that you will want to keep. We use Australian made shipping boxes, stationary, the leather for our shoes is from Queensland and where we can even our fabrics are knitted in Australia. This way we support local business and know that our products have been made by manufacturers who comply with Australia regularity bodies in terms of salary and safety standards.

Some of the things we are doing to ensure we are sustainable: -

  1. Our products are all made in Australia

We have been in the fashion retail business for a long time and have travelled to manufacturers in China, India, and Vietnam. Some of the conditions where people are working are upsetting with poor cleanliness, cramped space, no air conditioning, long hours, and salary rates very low. Making shoes and clothing is skilled and labour intensive. Fast fashion and ridiculously cheap products propagate the notion of disposable clothing, and it’s okay to wear things once or twice and throw them out- but it is not okay on many levels. To see the conditions in some of these factories is an eye opener and enough to put anyone off supporting the much of the fashion world. By making all product in Australia we know that the laws and regulations require fair pay and conditions.

  1. We are not using plastic

One of our biggest frustrations is the overuse of plastic and packaging in retail which is not necessary.  Whilst in many industries such a food plastic is essential, in many retail sectors the overpackaging is unacceptable. When you order online the product often arrives in a really heavy-duty outer plastic bag with strong adhesive meaning you can never re-use, and then the product is in another plastic bag inside. There are plastic swing tags and that is the minimum! A trip to the supermarket reinforces the issues we have, with every piece of fruit barcoded with a sticker, broccolini tied together with 3 heavy duty elastic bands plus a plastic barcode, and meat often Cryovaced in plastic as heavy duty as a lithium battery!   

Matilda Life will not use plastic within our packaging at all – it is not necessary, and therefore we won’t use plastic. Instead, we will ship our product in compostable boxes – with minimal packaging and our swing tag clips are made from cornflower, and organic cotton. We will continue to find ways of improving our packaging to minimise waste.



  1. Our shipping boxes are compostable

We are not fancy – because honestly even a nice box normally ends up in landfill and is often coated with plastic for protection. Sometimes the packaging that comes with products (the cosmetic industry should have a good look at itself) is worth more than the product inside. When I now buy products that come in expensive non sustainable packaging, I request not to have the bag or box – every little bit helps, and I will end up throwing it out. Such a waste.

We are proud of what is inside our shipping boxes and know that you will either recycle or compost our packaging. We have used simple brown kraft boxes – they are good quality and will protect your products.


  1. Natural fibres

We use natural fibres on all product and are using organic materials on most (some products such as denim are not organic). We want to consider both the production process but also the end of life of our products.  Matilda Life products are high quality, are timeless and we hope customers will keep them for a long time or give away to a friend. However, if they were to end up in landfill (God forbid!) natural fibres are particularly important as they typically biodegrade in less than a year whereas synthetic fibres can range between 30-200 years.


  1. Short supply chain

We are making 100% of our product in Australia.  We therefore have a reduced carbon footprint because we have much shorter distances for our goods to travel than making overseas.  

We also ask our customers to think carefully about their purchase to avoid unnecessary back forth. We willingly accept returns but do not encourage back forth by courier which ends up using precious resources – given the products are travelling either by air or road, we hope to minimise the distance each item has to travel to minimise damage to the environment.


Matilda Life is not prefect and we welcome ideas and suggestions. Sustainable business will not be compromised and our strategy is continually evolving. Sustainable high quality is at our core and making timeless essentials locally is what sets us apart.