Shoes made in Australia

Shoes made in Australia

When you Google Australian Made shoes there are a heap of brands that come up - none of which are actually made in Australia. 

The reality is that there are very few shoes today made here.  Australian brands that were once synonymous with Australian made are produced in China or Vietnam.  There are a few bucking the trend such as RM Williams who still produce their shoes in Adelaide- but not many.  

I wrote to Julie Angerosa via LinkedIn in January 2021 lamenting that their iconic factory Anna Fiori had closed and what a shame the industry had all but disappeared.  It came as a complete surprise when Julie said they were still manufacturing and could make shoes for me.  Julie encouraged her brother Rick,  without doubt one of the leading footwear experts this country has ever seen, to come back into the business and reopen the factory to produce high quality footwear made in Australia for Matilda Life. 

Rick has always produced at the top end of the market, all leather shoes that look as good as a shoe made in Italy.  Rick has made shoes for many of the top Australian brands such as Scanlon Theodore, RM Williams and has had the Anna Fiori brand in both Myer and David Jones. 

It was a dream come true when Rick gave me my first sample - the Mia mule - a gorgeous timeless slipper made of soft kangaroo skin for both the upper and lining, on a leather sole.  I have wear tested the shoes and have had more compliments than I got from my last pair of Jimmy Choo!   Timeless quality that won't disappoint, and made in Thornbury, Melbourne.