Founder Jo Mercer

Dreamed and created during the pandemic in 2020, Matilda Life is the brainchild of renowned retailer and shoe icon Jo Mercer and her business partner former Myer colleague Lauren Mastromanno. The pair launched the business initially online with the plan to move into bricks and mortar fairly quickly.

After more than 2 decades that has sadly seen manufacturing in the apparel and footwear industries largely head overseas, Matilda Life is founded on essentials for the Aussie lifestyle that is proudly made in Australia, by Australians, for Australians.

The Matilda Life range includes high-quality women’s clothing in wool, cotton and linen, leather shoes and soon-to-be made sneakers, sleepwear and personal fragrance and room scents.

The brand pride itself on being exceptional quality, sutainably made, relaxed essentials and 100% made in Australia.

The first store opened in April 2023 and is testament to the values of the brand. The design of the first store in the iconic Kings Arcade in the shopping mecca of leafy Armadale has been brought to life transforming the space into a fully sustainable Australian made fit out with every detail considerate of Australian owned, made and supplied sustainable finishes.

Recycled Australian timber, natural Australian sandstone and leather has been used throughout the store to create a stunning shopping experience. The store design highlights the colour palette of Matilda Life with blues, burnt oranges, and forest greens which also represent Australian oceans, Australian night deserts and Australian summers.

"We will have multiple product categories with our products reflecting the casual Australian way of life- a design lead Australian made and owned brand. It’s something we are very proud of and very passionate about - and when shopping with Matilda Life you are choosing to support local manufacturing, keeping jobs and skills local."

Matilda Life are exceptional quality and timeless pieces and products that you will want to keep and share with your family and friends.

Matilda Life's commitment is to 4 key principles that will not be compromised:-

Australian Manufacturing. Our product will be designed and made in Australia –supporting a quality local industry, our economy and keeping skills in Australia.

Sustainability. We have minimised packaging, have bio-degradable boxes, use organic fabrics, and with our product made in Australia have a reduced supply chain. We are working hard to protect the environment.

Quality. We know we can’t compete with cheap volume production overseas, but we can deliver top quality manufacturing using high grade materials that you won’t want to throw away. We are against disposable fashion and our garments are designed for longevity.

Fair Price. Buying Australian doesn’t have to mean a designer price tag. Our low-cost business model has allowed us to price our products at a fair price for the high quality you are buying.

Matilda Life will support and revitalise higher quality local manufacturing lost to overseas. A sustainable, trusted and affordable brand with a purpose.